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ISO 50001
Introduction to Energy Management and ISO 19011, pre-audit management, ISO 50001 requirements, documentation review, audit planning, auditing techniques, evaluation of audit observations, and raising Non-Conformance Reports. An effective Energy Management System (EnMS) audit allows organizations to assess whether their operations align with planned phases and energy management objectives. Whether you are a seasoned energy professional or a beginner, evaluating your expertise in EnMS is crucial.
ISO 9001
An effective QMS audit provides  check themselves whether their operations are done according to plan phase or not. Similarly if you are a quality professional and ISO 9001 beginner, or expert you also have to check your expertise in Quality Management System. This "knowledge validation exam" helps you to check and validate your knowledge on ISO 9001 standard and its fundamental concepts like organization knowledge and  internal audits.
ISO 14001
An effective EMS audit provides a solid framework for meeting customer challenges and realizing benefits such as environmental protection, resource conservation and improved energy efficiency. Optimize your auditing skills in line with the internationally recognized ISO 14001 and boost your internal audit capabilities with the latest developments of the new 19011 standard.
ISO 45001
Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety and ISO 19011, pre-audit management, ISO 45001:2018 requirements, documentation Review, Audit Planning, Auditing Techniques, Evaluation of audit observations and raising Non-Conformance Reports.  An effective OH&SMS audit provides  check themselves whether their operations are done according to plan phase or not.
ISO 20000-1
ISO/IEC 20000 is a series of international standards for IT service management. ISO 20000-1:2018 standard is the only auditable standard that companies certify to. It is made on the quality philosophy of Plan, do check, and Act Cycle. Organizations have to check themselves whether their operations are done according to the planning phase or not.
ISO 27001
The ISO 27001 standard provides a structure for implementing an ISMS, safeguarding your information assets while making the process easier to manage, measure, and improve. It helps you address the three dimensions of information security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.
ISO 22000
This course aims to provide participants with the required knowledge and skills to perform an internal audit based on the requirements of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) and ISO 19011 guidelines for auditing management system.
ISO 16949
Gain the confidence to effectively audit an Automotive Quality Management System in accordance with internationally recognized best practice techniques. Demonstrate your commitment to quality by transforming existing auditor skills to IATF 16949:2016.
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