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The Center for Change Management (CCM) began the standardization process in 2022 with the aim of strengthening the trust of clients and donors in the quality of consulting and intellectual services provided by CCM, and a thorough approach to the implementation of projects that CCM implements by applying the highest quality standards. We recommend Intercert as an accredited certification body that led the entire certification process with special attention and dedication. For this reason, the CCM team is more than satisfied with the cooperation and recommends Intercert to all civil organizations that want to make progress in their work.

Center for Change Management
Vesna Gligorova
IVEA Construction

If there is something that brings us more success, it is your company.

Thank you for your help and effort to make us among the companies with European standards.

Thank you for sharing with us the enthusiasm that characterizes you.

IVEA Construction DOOEL
Elon Haliti
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We are happy to hear that our services have met your expectations and you are pleased with our approach to addressing waste management challenges in your company. We appreciate your feedback regarding our training and implementation of industry standards, and are glad to have been of assistance. We look forward to a long-lasting and productive partnership with you.

Drisla Skopje
Brankica Andonovska
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We are very satisfied to work with you, your professionalism, kindness, and broad knowledge base help us to increase the quality level in our own company. Thank you for being there.

Jasna Momiroska
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Professional, efficient, always friendly, they excel in their job and would happily recommend them to others.

BT Macedonia
Iskra Petrovska
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It was a great pleasure to work with the auditors from INTERCERT. The communication and correspondence was quick and efficient. The training for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 was professional and high-quality. The certification process was carried out according to the highest standards of the Institute for Standardization of the Republic of Macedonia.

A highly trained and informed team. Strongly recommended!

Energo Plus
Tanja Boskovska
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I would like to express our satisfaction with the cooperation with Intercert. We always have a skilled team of professionals available who successfully lead us in the certification process.

Strongly recommended!!!

DCA Team
Elena Necovska
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I had a great collaboration with the professionals from Intercert, I would warmly recommend them to anyone for the ISO certification process.

Maj komerc lear
Aleksandra Zikova
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I have worked with many international companies, but the Intercert team is undoubtedly the most professional of all. At Intercert, ISO certificates are issued by a qualified certification body. Thank you Intercert Team!

Truly Nolen
Armend Cana
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Excellent course led by a professional and competent team. Perfect training program for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Most of the topics were explained with practical examples that helped in visualising the subject, complemented with excellent teaching materials. It greatly helps in the certification process.

Strongly recommended.

Intertrade Corporation
Marija Stojanova
a-zero logo

Your support and efforts have certainly contributed to our success. It was an honor to work with you and I eagerly look forward to many more years of collaboration. Thank you for your passion and dedication to your work.

Agron Aliu
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Our collaboration experience with Intercert is at the highest possible level. Expressed through the expertise and professionalism shown in their advice during current work, as well as in the inspections and professional evaluations carried out by their side.

It will be a special pleasure and benefit for us to continue this successful collaboration in the future.

Suzana Atanasova
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