Face to face with COVID-19

Published on:

May 18, 2022

Dear customers, auditors and colleagues,

During this time of extreme difficulty we decided to meet the needs of companies and operators concerned by the virus COVID-19 in order to maintain their operational continuity. By putting health and safety in the first place, it will be possible to perform audits remotely. Even the remote audit, in fact, represents an opportunity for companies and provides a valid alternative to classic methods for Certification Bodies.

If you already have video conferencing software, then it is best to use it for your upcoming audit. Your employees can work effectively together with the audit team. For the audit it is necessary to review the documents together with the auditor. Additionally, it is advisable for everyone involved in the audit to watch a video of the auditee. If you have a camera on your mobile phone, then not only documents but also the locations themselves can be viewed. Information security is a very important aspect during remote audits, so ensure sufficient end to end data encryption.

Test your technical solution before the audit.

Good luck!

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