INTERCERT’s policy is to meet customer requirements through the realization of management
systems certification services, with a high level of:

  • PROFESSIONALISM in access and communication
  • QUALITY in conducting the audits
  • COMPETENCE of the audit team
  • CONFIDENTIALITY of the information
  • IMPARTIALITY in the certification process

* * * * * *

We will achieve such a Policy in INTERCERT by achieving the following goals:

  • Maintain and improve the management system by meeting the criteria contained in the standards
    ISO/IEC 17021:2015 and МКС EN ISO 19011:2018;
  • Confirmation of credibility through the acquisition of accreditation;
  • Implementation of certification services in an impartial and independent manner;
  • Continuous improvement of staff competencies;
  • Ensuring confidentiality and protection of customer data during and after the procedure.

The entire staff of INTERCERT is familiar with the basic settings of the Policy.