ISO Net Zero Guidelines

A tool for policy makers and all who work towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions for their business, group or country. Launched at COP27, the Net Zero Guidelines tackle a major roadblock for a world where greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to the minimum and balanced by removals: the fragmented net zero governance landscape. Competing […]

The First Certified Primary School in R. Macedonia – Rajko Zinzifov, v. G.Orizare, Veles

On May 22, 2023, in the premises of the “Rajko Zinzifov” Primary School in the village of Gorno Orizare, Veles, the director of the international company INTERCERT DOOEL, Skopje, Mr. Vasko Temelkoski, conducted a formal presentation of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. This certificate was awarded to the school’s principal, Tanja Nikolova, in recognition of the […]

Initiative of IARSM for its accreditation with ISO 27001 and 37001

On 18 of Maj, 2023 the conference was held in Double Tree Hilton hotel, Skopje with the experts in accreditation issues, by the initiative of Institute for standardization of Republic of Macedonia (IARSM). The main focus was accreditation with ISO 27001 and ISO 37001 of IARSM and changing of the regulation in Macedonia with the […]

ISRSM Pilot project: Regional training of trainers “Energy management system” ISO 50001

ISRSM Pilot project: Regional training of trainers "Energy management system" ISO 50001

In Bikshek, Kirgistan in the period of 5-8 June, it was held the Regional training of trainers for Energy management system ISO 50001. The active participation of Macedonia was represented by the expert team: Vasko Temelkoski – INTERCERT, Blagica Kamcheva – Euromak Kontrol, Aleksandar Gerasimovski – Machine University, and Viljam Hristovski – ISRSM. They will […]

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