InterCert certifies FITR with ISO 37001:2017

Published on:

February 17, 2021

FITR ISO 37001 Certification

FITR becomes the first certified state institution with ISO 37001:2017, the Standard for Anti-Bribery Management Systems. Its goal is to continuously and thoroughly implement a zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption.

The fight against corruption and crime is one of the government’s top priorities, and it requires the involvement of all institutions. FITR sets a positive example for the involvement of institutions in preventing corruption. The certification identifies the obligations and responsibilities of the Fund in the prevention of corruption, the responsibilities of employees in carrying out activities related to preventing bribery and corruption, and more. – said Ljupco Nikolovski

The introduction of ISO 37001:2017 also includes employees, their responsibility, and work that should be dedicated to the public interest, as well as the stakeholders in the Fund.

Certification was initiated by the Fund, and obtaining globally recognized standards is another confirmation of the success of its processes and policies. I believe that certification will enhance trust in the Fund as an institution that represents a significant promoter of innovation, technological, and economic growth and development in the country. – said Kosta Petrov

We hope that FITR will be a strong impetus for other state institutions to follow our example. The process took place over the past 6 months.

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