Training (05-06 December 2024) for Quality Managers

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December 5, 2024


Intercert office

Training (05-06 December 2024) for Quality Managers

A quality manager for ISO standards plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with ISO standards.

Here are some key responsibilities:

Auditing and Compliance:
Conduct audits of ISO processes, ensuring adherence to ISO standards (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001) and
verify that the established procedures are followed and maintain impartiality.
Process Improvement:
Continuously improve processes based on feedback, industry best practices, and changes in ISO standards.
Implement corrective actions when non-conformities are identified.
Documentation and Records:
Maintain accurate records related to ISO standards activities/processes.
Document audit findings, corrective actions, and decisions.
Risk Management:
Assess risks associated with ISO standards processes.
Mitigate risks by implementing effective controls and preventive measures.
Training and Competence:
Ensure staff are well-trained and competent in ISO standards and fulfillment of its requirements.
Remember that the quality manager’s role is pivotal in maintaining the ISO standards withing the organizations.

Applications can be made to:
email: [email protected];
Contact: Danica Arsenovska, mobile: ++389 70 274 753

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