Impartiality policy

F 5.2-3
Impartiality policy


The certification body Intercert respects the principle of impartiality in the performance of its activities in the certification process and will not allow commercial, financial or any pressure that could compromise impartiality.

INTERCERT identifies, analyzes and documents the dangers that may cause violation of the principle of impartiality in the activities of the certification process and guarantees that certification decisions will be made on the basis of objective analysis.

In case of Intercert affiliation, or of the personnel, with the organization, Intercert will take measures to eliminate or minimize the threats, and in case of an unacceptable threat that violates the principle of impartiality, INTERCERT will not approach certification.

INTERCERT will not certify other certification bodies.

INTERCERT will not offer or provide consulting services.

INTERCERT will not offer or conduct internal audits of its certified organizations and will not certify organizations to which it has conducted internal audits for a period of two years from the day the service ended.

INTERCERT will not certify organizations that have received consulting services or internal checks, and the relationship between the consulting organization and INTERCERT is an unacceptable threat to impartiality in the certification process.

INTERCERT will not negotiate checks with consulting companies and such a relationship may pose a threat to impartiality in the certification process,

INTERCERT will not link certification activities to the activities of organizations providing consulting services in order to advertise that certification or implementation would be simpler, faster or cheaper if Intercert or the consulting organization was chosen.

INTERCERT identifies and analyzes threats to impartiality arising from the activities of staff involved in the certification process, from other persons, bodies or organizations and will not allow any commercial, financial or other pressures that would undermine impartiality.